Helicopter Load Measurement

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HeliNav LoadMaster is an intelligent wireless helicopter load sensor with inclinometer and accelerometer capabilities so that it can be used with large underslung loads. It is available in a range of sizes from 1 tonne to 10 tonnes. The HeliNav LoadMaster sensor is completely autonomous and can also interface to it’s own receiver/display mountable in the cockpit.

This makes it independent of the host helicopter’s systems, while being wireless means it does not require additional certification of the electrical systems. It also means it can be swapped from one craft to another in seconds, allowing HeliNav-LoadMaster to be shared around a fleet of aircraft. A handheld receiver/display, able to interrogate several different LoadMaster sensors, is also available for ground crew use.

Rental Service

Our unique rental service is ideal for customers with short-term requirements for helicopter load measurement.

Meet the HeliNav LoadMaster Product Family

Full details of our HeliNav LoadMaster product range including the Wireless Load Sensor and optional readout/display interfaces.

Calibration, Service & Repair

We provide in-house calibration for any of our load measurement equipment with weights calibrated against primary national standards.