Electronic engineers help wine growers to vintage success

Behind the rise and rise of English wine, British engineers and technologists are busy developing new systems and aids for the vine growing industry. Tony Ingham of Sensor Technology Ltd tells his part of this astonishing success story. English wine is taking off, with more and more people recognising its... Read More

Helicopters could bring new technologies to fighting brushfires

This year the UK has seen brushfires rage across large areas of heath and moorland, a problem that may become increasingly common as climate change drives global warming. New techniques and increased levels of expertise will be needed to combat these. Here we look at the potential of some emerging... Read More

Helicopter tree extraction relies on innovative wireless load sensing

Innovative wireless load sensing and monitoring technology from Sensor Technology is playing a key role in helping a helicopter services company to pluck trees from forests where there is no access by tractor. Based in Oxford, Heli-Lift Services provides a unique helicopter-based extraction service in forests where the ground is... Read More

Helicopter-based electricity pylon delivery relies on wireless load sensing

Demonstrating that the electricity supply infrastructure can be developed more quickly and cost-effectively, Heli-Lift Services has pioneered the use of helicopters to remove and deliver poles and pylons in remote locations. An enabling technology in this enterprise is an innovative load sensing and monitoring technology from Sensor Technology. The pressures... Read More

Smart heli-hook helps raise angel to realm of glory

An intelligent cargo hook has aided the heli-lifting of a golden statue of an angel onto the top of the spire at a church in rural Surrey. The church was built in the 1950s and the statue was added as part of a recent major refurbishment and extension project. The... Read More

Sensor flies conservation into new levels of control

An innovative device that simultaneously senses a helicopter’s position and weighs the load it is carrying has helped a 50-year landscape conservation project successfully reaching its first five-year milestone. The HeliNav TrackMaster is a simple and accurate system that simultaneously monitors underslung loads and logs actual flight paths while also... Read More

Hooked on Enhancements: Helicopter Load Sensor Keeps Getting Smarter

HeliNav LoadMaster, the intelligent wireless helicopter load sensor has been upgraded with a string of new capabilities. Inclinometers have been added so that it can be used with three-point fixing for large loads; a new receiver wirelessly collects live load data for analysis, interpretation and reporting, and a new display... Read More

Finding the Right Time & Place

Taking a small stand at a big exhibition in Las Vegas may have been the decision of the year by inveterate innovators Sensor Technology of Banbury, Oxon. Visitors to Heli-Expo in March 2013, a show focused on commercial helicopter operators, showed so much interest in Sensor Technology’s intelligent wireless helicopter load sensor... Read More

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