Handheld Receiver

HeliNav LoadMaster

The wireless HeliNav LoadMaster Handheld Receiver is used in conjunction with the HeliNav LoadMaster wireless Load Sensor. It provides the user with an easy way to receive and view data from the Load Sensor.

Up to 9 HeliNav LoadMaster Load Sensors can be selected from the Handheld Receiver and individually displayed. These Load Sensors can be individually named by plugging the Load Sensor into a PC via USB and using the Load Sensor software. They can then be easily distinguished on the display, which will show the name of the Load Sensor currently being read.

The display shows the name of the current Load Sensor, the load, battery status of readout and Load Sensor and signal strength. By using the menu tree on the readout the user can select which Load Sensor to read, what units to be displayed, tare the data, display peak value and many more functions.

A 9 way D connector is provided to output data via RS232/RS422 and a USB mini B to charge the battery and output data to a PC.

Key Benefits:

  • Reads multiple Load Sensors
  • Receives data up to a distance of 100m
  • Receives data at 10 times a second
  • Connect to PC via USB for user setup
  • Output data via RS232 / RS422 / USB
  • Ruggedized rubber case with back stand
  • Long life battery powered


Options & Accessories

HeliNav LoadMaster Wireless Load Sensor

The HeliNav LoadMaster is a strain gauge based stainless steel tension type sensor which has the capability of wirelessly transmitting its data to one of our readouts or displays. Ranges from 1-10 Tonnes.

Cockpit Display

The HeliNav LoadMaster Cockpit Display is a small, lightweight, cabin/window mounted unit, used in conjunction with our HeliNav LoadMaster Wireless Load Sensors to display the  current reading.

Receiver Interface

The HeliNav LoadMaster Receiver Interface is used for receiving & converting data from the HeliNav LoadMaster transducer into analog or digital outputs for integration into any data collection system.